The New Gender Rules

“He got ridiculously mad; he called me names, used slurs,” she said. “When we get rejected, we don’t explode just because they don’t like us back. Guys just feel more privileged.”

Many Ways to Be a Girl, but One Way to Be a Boy: The New Gender Rules – The New York Times

What a slanted, missing the obvious conclusion bunch of feces… Yes, current gender norms are not equal. And no, it’s not the boys who get the worst of it.

Maybe the solution isn’t to encourage boys to express(wallow) in their emotions. Maybe it’s teaching all children to process (and not wallow) in their emotions. Teach them all to be strong. Teach them all to self-reliant. Teach them all to stand up for themselves. Teach them all to be able to be in touch with and name but not be ruled or dragged under by their emotions.

Oh, and stop reinforcing the idea that desire trumps consent.

Just saying….


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