Trump’s iPhone Is a Serious Risk

In its earliest days, Donald Trump’s administration was plagued by security lapses. Aides made indiscreet use of cell phones. Classified information leaked chronically. A lot of unfortunate stuff ended up on social media.

…Trump has continued to use his personal iPhone, despite insistent warnings that he could be jeopardizing national security. And he has persisted even after being told that China and Russia are listening in.

A former White House chief information officer says it may be the “most significant breach of White House communications in history.” By any reckoning, it’s a serious risk. An unsecured smartphone offers a rich target for motivated spies. They could track its location, steal data, monitor its keystrokes, or even requisition its camera and microphone. They could easily intercept calls made over a wireless network.

Trump’s iPhone Is a Serious Risk – Bloomberg

But, her emails!!!


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