Krasner Announces Big Shakeup in Homicide Unit of Philly DA’s Office

While the new memos are perhaps not so immediately attention-grabbing as the one he released shortly after taking office, which drastically curtailed prostitution and marijuana prosecutions — “Do not charge possession of marijuana regardless of weight,” the memo read — they do present Krasner, who has been knocked by political opponents for lacking administrative experience, as interested in doing significant bureaucratic business.

…Krasner’s marquee change is enlarging the scope of the office’s Homicide Unit to incorporate nonfatal shootings. He also announced the combination of several units, including the insurance and government fraud groups, into an office to prosecute economic crimes.

…Attorney Jonathan Mandel, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor in Los Angeles, says he loves the idea. There are often too many chiefs, he says, in a DA’s office. “You’re talking about taking the most violent crimes and putting them in one unit and prioritizing them,” Mandel says, “and that makes sense to me administratively and as a statement about priorities.”

…Krasner also cites the new unit as a potential boon to investigations, noting that the city experiences a lot of retaliatory shootings, cases in which an attempted murder or an aggravated assault leads to someone else being shot or killed. The new department will be better able to coordinate the office’s response, says Krasner, in connected cases.

Krasner Announces Big Shakeup in Homicide Unit of DA’s Office



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