Dallas cop who, after braking and entering, killed innocent man in his own home should be charged

The fact that she remains free days after the shooting shows she’s receiving favorable treatment.

…”If it was a white man, would it have been different? Would she have reacted differently?” Allison Jean said Friday.

Lawyer: Dallas cop who killed man at home should be charged | Fox News

Well, the only people she’s shot and killed were not white.

I wonder how many Caucasians have resisted arrest or struggled and she hose not to shoot them…

That is a side issue to the fact that she broke and entered this man’s apartment and then murdered him. The fact that she is not in jail is proof the Sheriff’s department is either corrupt or inept. More than likely both.

If law enforcement cannot enforce the law when it concerns one of their own , they are not in the business of preserving law and order.


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