Amtrak ups its PR game hoping people will forget they are downgrading food options for long-haul riders

Amtrak ups its food game for long-haul riders

Amtrak is pitching a lot of articles about how it is “improving” the prepackaged, might-as-well-be-airline food, not-much-different-than-what-you-could-get-out-a-vending-machine, food offering lately. And press across the cultural spectrum seem to be eating it up and publishing these claims without context or critique.

All of these positive articles that neglect to mention the fact that Amtrak is actually ditching the actual food that has been served in their dining cars on longer trips and downgrading to a lesser level of food service and quality.

Sorry Amtrak, you can improve your you-could-buy-this-shit-in-a-convenience-store crap all you want. It’s still crap. Bring back dining cars!!!!!!!!!!!!


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