Ivanka Trump to shut down fashion company

Ivanka Trump’s company saw an increase in profits in early 2017 after her father’s presidential win, according to a person with direct knowledge. But since that gain, profits have declined, the source added.

…Nordstrom isn’t the only retailer to distance itself from the brand.

The company that owns TJ Maxx and Marshalls decided to no longer promote the brand in stores, and earlier this month, Hudson’s Bay, one of Canada’s largest department stores, chose to phase out Ivanka Trump products, according to company spokeswoman Tiffany Bourré.

…The government watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington called the news that Ivanka Trump will be shutting down her company “a notable step in the right direction,” but added that it “comes much too late.”

…Ivanka is expected to address her company’s staff on Tuesday in New York, according to a source with knowledge of her decision-making process. The same source said 18 people will be affected by the company shutting down.

Ivanka Trump to shut down fashion company – CNNPolitics

18 whole employees….



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