Russian bots are back: #WalkAway attack on Democrats is a likely Kremlin operation

This isn’t being circulated by earnest yet misguided voters who formerly identified as Democrats. This is clearly being circulated by trolls connected to the Russian influence operations. #WalkAway has obvious roots in the 2016 primaries, when Russian trolls attempted to turn liberal or left-wing voters against casting general election ballots for the eventual Democratic nominee (either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton), thus diminishing Democratic turnout. The same goal applies here.

HuffPost noted that Fox News is reporting this active measure as if it were an actual grassroots “movement.” It’s not.

The #WalkAway attack appears to be targeting disaffected registered Democrats who might be inclined to fall in line with an exodus from the party, a few months before a hugely important election. Sure, that’s a highly specific and pretty small demographic. But, as we’ve seen, modern elections tend to feature too-close-for-comfort margins, swung by relatively small groups of voters. …The the prominence of the hashtag doesn’t necessarily mean that real-life Democrats are suddenly exiting the party.

Russian bots are back: #WalkAway attack on Democrats is a likely Kremlin operation |



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