Rohingya girls face ‘prison-like’ conditions in refugee camps

Adolescent Rohingya girls are being kept in stifling conditions in refugee camps in Bangladesh, unable to go out, deprived of education and facing prospects of early marriage whether they want it or not, according to a report by the charity Plan International launched on World Refugee Day.

…”Many of them have witnessed horrific violence and are in urgent need of assistance, but they cannot access any of the services on offer to help them cope with what they’ve been through. Instead, they spend almost every hour of every day inside their sweltering tents, where the only activities they have to keep themselves occupied are cooking and cleaning. They long to go to school, to go outside, to make new friends, and to rebuild their lives, but none of these things are possible for them under the current conditions in which they live.”

Plan International wants the aid agencies and governments helping the refugees to “urgently address the needs of safety, education, sanitation, food security and healthcare — including mental health services — that Rohingya girls currently lack and have themselves spoken strongly about in the research report.”

…It said girls repeatedly reported that access to clean water was one of the major challenges that they faced in the camps and warned that “as the monsoon season approaches, the temporary shelters will become untenable and the likely destruction of the makeshift sanitation facilities threatens to contaminate water and spread disease.”

Most of the girls interviewed said they still didn’t have enough to eat.

Rohingya girls face ‘prison-like’ conditions in refugee camps – CNN



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