Putin’s Cyberattack: No Effect on Election? Common Sense Says Otherwise.

Assange recommended patience; he promised to reveal documents every week for the next ten weeks, and said that “some will have a direct bearing on the U.S. election.”

We now know, thanks to a 14-page U.S. intelligence finding released on January 6—a joint product of the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency–that the leaks were part of an intelligence operation personally ordered by Vladimir Putin with the purpose of “denying Hillary Clinton the presidency” and “installing Donald Trump in the Oval Office.”

…If the leaks were so innocuous, why then did Trump’s campaign and GOP-friendly media invest so much in disseminating the information contained in them? And how to explain why the right-wing media had initially bragged about how “devastating” they were going to be?

…For one thing, the leaks kept “CLINTON EMAILS!!” at the forefront of the consciousness of voters, who had already been misled by James Comey’s reckless (and inaccurate) description of her behavior as “extremely careless.” Then, too, Bernie Sanders’ fans, who regarded WikiLeaks as part of the “left,” seized on leaked email evidence that the DNC had favored Clinton (and thus, according to them, that the primary was “rigged”), diluting whatever enthusiasm for Clinton had been developing among them—and in many cases, solidifying their determination to stay away from the polls, a failure of turn-out that Nate Silver has calculated was the kiss of death to Clinton’s chances of winning.

Putin’s Cyberattack: No Effect on Election? Common Sense Says Otherwise. | bordocrossings



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