Protesters real animals in Antler dispute

But who determines whether or not it’s ethical to eat wild game, whether all restaurants should be vegan? And does the right of those who feel aggrieved by the ethically suspect actions of others have the right, as is the case with the Antler protest, to disrupt and harass someone they disagree with?

The trouble with that notion that it fundamentally undermines liberty, it fuels subjective, oppressive and authoritarian consequences.

Democratic notions of liberty permit protest and dissent but also embrace tolerance. At the end of the day, that means individuals are entitled to engage in ethical behaviour others find wrong or even abhorrent.

…Ugar is a dog walker. There are animal rights activists who view pet ownership as slavery and by that reasoning ought to be entitled to picket outside her house, disrupt her business and scream “SLAVER” when she takes her dogs for a walk.

Hunter is the one whose rights are being violated by bullying, intolerant and self-appointed vigilantes, the real animals in this dispute.

WALLACE: Protesters real animals in Antler dispute | Toronto Sun



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