Fallout From Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica #FAIL

The Facebook executives who responded are correct — there was no security breach. Users gave their information willingly. Moreover, Facebook has since put better security controls for apps in place, so users can more easily control what information apps are gathering and how they’re using it.

But they’re missing the point.

Facebook users are slowly learning that almost anybody can use Facebook to collect detailed information about them, and that — at least some of the time — Facebook cannot control where this information flows, or how it is used. Using Facebook is like writing your life story down on a piece of paper, then taping it to a lamppost.

Journalists and privacy advocates may roll their eyes at this “revelation” — they’ve been warning people about Facebook and privacy since its inception.

Users mostly ignored these warnings. They wanted to share photos, connect with old friends, play games, take quizzes and watch videos, and Facebook gave them a simple way to do it.

…There’s a growing sense that Facebook has become creepy instead of fun.

Facebook failing, Zuckerberg and Sandberg absent: commentary



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