How does exposure to gun violence affect kids and teens?

On average, 17,499 children and teens are shot per year in murders, assaults, suicides and suicide attempts, unintentional shootings, or by police intervention; 2,677 of these children die.

– 1,671 children and teens are murdered.
– 827 children and teens kill themselves.
– 124 children and teens are killed unintentionally.
– 24 are killed [via] police [involvement.]
– 30 die but the intent was unknown.

…Exposure to gun violence leaves scars. Research has shown that exposure to gun violence can traumatize children and youth both physically and emotionally by causing:

– Psychological problems including intrusive thoughts, sleep disturbances, anger, withdrawal and aggression; in some cases, post-traumatic stress disorder
– Difficulty concentrating in the classroom, decline in academic performance, and lower educational and career goals
– Increased delinquency, substance abuse, and risky sexual behaviors
– Desensitization to violence
– “Protective behaviors,” such as joining a gang or arming themselves with guns or knives

How does exposure to gun violence affect kids and teens? – Philly

Oh for the love of Pete! Enough with the attempting to make spurious correlation between gun violence and exposure to violent media already….

Wouldn’t a more direct correlation to exposure to gun violence itself be more obvious?! Or perhaps take a look at socio-economic and cultural patterns surrounding high rates of gun violence?

Nope,  blame popular media. If this was a hundred years ago they would be blaming sordid literature. …And they still wouldn’t be anywhere closer to seeing the big picture. Such an obnoxiously lazy impulse on the part of pop-literati .


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