Children, Youth, and Gun Violence: Analysis

A majority of youth gun deaths are homicides. Suicides account for about one-third of all youth gun deaths, and unintentional shootings for about 7% of those deaths. Older teens, males, African American and Hispanic youth, and young people residing in urban areas are at particularly high risk for gun homicide; white adolescents, males, and youth living in rural areas are at highest risk for gun suicide.

…Children exposed to gun violence at home, at school, in the community, [*] …can experience negative psychological effects including post-traumatic stress, poor school performance, increased delinquency, risky sexual behaviors, substance abuse, and desensitization to violence. All of these effects can make children and youth more prone to violence themselves. 

[no, well-intentioned liberals, there is no comparison between media exposure and actual exposure to gun violence. So, no, that bit isn’t going to be included in this excerpt]*

[PS – the recommendations are fairly good but the outlined strategies are empty b.s. ]


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