Florida Survivor: Don Jr. ‘Disgusting’ For Twitter Like

A Florida shooting survivor has slammed Donald Trump Jr. as “disgusting” after the president’s son liked a tweet suggesting the teenager was speaking out on gun control as a “cover” for his FBI father.

…The president’s son liked the online conspiracy theory that was posted by several people on Twitter about teenage survivor David Hogg, who has also been forced to defend himself against a conspiracy that he is a “crisis actor.”

Florida Survivor: Don Jr. ‘Disgusting’ For Twitter Like

What a mindbogglingly asinine, heartless, and out of touch thing to say. I mean….

Inexcusable. Idiotic. Absolutely without humanity, redemptive qualities, or (apparently) a soul. What a complete waste of oxygen that ugly little turd is. It’s like he wants people to enjoy as much Schadenfreude as possible when he finally reaches his inevitable come-down.


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