Moore in 2011 interview: Scrapping amendments after 10th would ‘eliminate many problems’


Moore in 2011 interview: Scrapping amendments after 10th would ‘eliminate many problems’ | TheHill

It was thoughtful of his campaign staff to lie on his behalf but the man specifically said that getting rid of the constitutional amendments after the Bill of Rights, “would eliminate many problems,” and then he doubled down and said that these amendments – again, that’s everything after the first ten – and one would imagine the people who support them, “have completely tried to wreck the form of government that our forefathers intended.”

A refresher course on all of the amendments the man was referring to:
11th – lays the foundation for soveriegn immunity
12th – revises presidential election procedures
13th – abolishes slavery and makes (non-penal system related) involuntary servitude illegal
14th – establishes US citizens as having the right to due process and equal protection
15th – prohibits the denying people the right to vote based on race
16th – allows for a federal income tax
17th – establishes that US Senators are eleted by popular votes – as opposed to being chosen by other elected officials
18th – no booze
19th – gives women the right to vote
20th – establishes the current calander for congress and presidential terms
21st- just kidding abou tthe 18th, booze is back
22nd – limits the President to two terms
23rd – allows DC to particpate in the electoral college
24th – makes poll taxes illegal
25th – clarifies the order of succession.
26th – establishes the voting age as 18 (down from 21)
27th – makes it so US PResentatives can’t give themselves a raise for the current term they are serving

Did you get all that? Moore thinks ending slavery; giving 18-20 year olds, women, black people and other minorities the vote; ending poll taxes; and protecting due process and equal protection for all citizens are “problematic.”

Champion of civil rights, my ass! What a fucking prize this pedophile guy is….


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