How Male Reporters Shaped The Coverage Of The 2016 Election

When Vox News published an exclusive report detailing allegations suggesting that Thrush behaved inappropriately towards female colleagues, there was a resounding lack of surprise from many female journalists. A man who had spent the 2016 election cycle demeaning an extremely qualified female candidate in a way we can all relate to treated the women he worked with terribly?


…Lauer, you might remember, oversaw a live prime-time forum with Trump and Clinton in 2016 .

…He revealed his own personal biases clearly steeped in misogyny. He spent approximately one-third of his allotted time with Clinton questioning her use of a private email server — meaning he then had to rush through topics of actual importance, such as foreign policy and terrorism questions.

He continued to interrupt her to get her to “move along,” going so far as to ask her to explain her plan to defeat the Islamic State as “briefly” as she could.

And then he let many of Trump’s obviously false assertions go unchallenged. When the then-candidate claimed he had always been against the war in Iraq (a lie that Clinton had brought up earlier in the forum) Lauer let the falsehood stand.

…while he did clearly give Trump easier questioning, what is being missed is the fact that he did not treat Clinton like a serious candidate for president.

He treated her like allegations suggest he treats other women in his life. Poorly, with sexist tones clouding his professional behavior.

How Misogynistic Male Reporters Shaped The Coverage Of The 2016 Election



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