TBT – Flake has no fear of retribution from Trump 

Flake said that he can work with Trump on repealing Obamacare, curtailing regulations and even immigration reform, where the Arizona Republican has backed policies well to the left of Trump’s positions.

…”I’ll work with him when we need to but also push back when I need to,” said Flake.

..”There will obviously be areas of disagreement, but there are also lots of areas of agreement,” Flake said.

…On immigration — which Trump said on Thursday would be a priority in his administration — Flake said he’s optimistic, even though “there’s not going to be a 700-mile wall. He knows that.”

…Flake, who was a member of the bipartisan Gang of Eight that labored for months to strike an immigration deal, …hopes to work with Trump on border security, e-Verify, guest worker programs and even undocumented immigrants.

Flake has no fear of retribution from Trump – POLITICO

Bahahahahaha, isn’t delusional naivete adorable sometimes? Like Trump knows how to work with people! Lolololololol


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