The Continuing Hatred Of Hillary Clinton 

Daou says he received way more negative backlash from the left and mainstream media than the right. There were even reporters writing stories about his family’s past and widowed mother who happened to be in the hospital at the time of the stories being released. All of this, because of a website for Hillary Clinton voters? I asked Daou if he thought a website launched for failed candidate Senator Bernie Sanders would have elicited the same response:

“If we had labeled the site ‘Media for the Bernie Revolution,’ I believe we would’ve gotten rave reviews from the very same writers.”— Peter Daou

…The fact that many on the left spent so much time attacking a site that promotes issues progressives care about — equal pay for women, civil rights, and combating climate change — is concerning. Important to note, this firestorm of criticism took place during the same week DACA was rescinded. 

…It was like watching a group of school children join in on a bullying chant without knowing how the chant even got started.

…you most likely didn’t hear much ado about …the Trump Foundation’s “self-dealing” because the story was released on September 10, 2016. This was the day before September 11th, or in other words, the weekend Hillary Clinton had pneumonia.

…Story after story was published about “Hillary’s Health,” and if you watched cable news that week, you would’ve had no idea that there was a Trump Foundation scandal at all.

…After the election, the Trump Foundation admitted to the IRS that they were indeed, “self-dealing.” It turns out, Trump was guilty of what the media was trying to accuse Clinton of — and one of their colleagues had already uncovered it. But Clinton’s pneumonia was more important to them.

…One of the main criticisms is that Clinton isn’t taking responsibility for her loss, despite having explicitly done so in her book. Simply outlining other factors that contributed to a loss isn’t avoiding responsibility, it’s speaking your truth. And Clinton’s truth happens to be very close to reality. Her story is one that needs to be heard. To blame the 2016 election loss of Hillary Clinton solely on the Clinton campaign, would be like pointing to a house that was taken down by a 200 mph tornado and saying “it collapsed only because it had weak infrastructure.”

The Blind Hatred Of Hillary Clinton – Rantt



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