Oklahoma City Police Fatally Shoot Deaf Man Despite Yells Of ‘He Can’t Hear’

Police in Oklahoma City on Tuesday night fatally shot a deaf man who they say was advancing toward them with a metal pipe as witnesses yelled that the man was deaf and could not hear them.

Lt. Matthew Lindsey arrived at the address and encountered 35-year-old Magdiel Sanchez, who was on the porch holding a 2-foot metal pipe with a leather loop in his right hand. Lindsey called for backup and Sgt. Christopher Barnes arrived.

….”In those situations, very volatile situations, when you have a weapon out, you can get what they call tunnel vision or you can really lock into just the person that has the weapon that’d be the threat against you,” [said the person who doesn’t understand it is the cops jobs to protect, not kill in cold blood, even if their pansy asses are scared.]

….Police ordered Sanchez to drop the weapon and get on the ground, Mathews said. Both officers had weapons drawn — Lindsey had a Taser and Barnes a gun. Sanchez came off the porch and was walking toward Barnes.

Oklahoma City Police Fatally Shoot Deaf Man Despite Yells Of ‘He Can’t Hear’ : The Two-Way : NPR

…And instead of listening to bystanders or (more importantly) using the taser they already had drawn they killed him in cold blood.

Screw the tunnel vision bullshit. If a person can’t fight their instincts enough to overcome that, they have no business carrying a gun , let alone a badge.

These officers should be in prison. They committed cold blooded murder. Anyone who attempts to justify their action is aiding and abetting them and should be tossed into a dark and depressing prison right along with them.


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