‘Textbook example of ethnic cleansing’: 370,000 Rohingyas flood Bangladesh as crisis worsens

The U.S. is “alarmed” by allegations of killings and village burning by the Burmese military.

…Hundreds of thousands of the long-persecuted ethnic minority continued to stream via land and rickety boats into Bangladesh this week, arriving exhausted, dehydrated and recounting tales of nightmarish horrors at the hands of the Burmese military, including friends and neighbors shot dead and homes torched before their eyes.

…Relief efforts have been rapidly overwhelmed, with stocks of food, temporary shelter kits and other supplies running low. Prices of vegetables, bamboo and plastic sheeting used to make shelters are soaring.

…Burma’s more than 1 million Rohingya Muslims are essentially stateless, and the Burmese government considers them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

The minority group has endured decades of discrimination and neglect, which worsened in 2012 after Rohingyas clashed with Buddhists in Burma’s western Rakhine State. More than 100,000 were then confined to camps, where their movement, access to jobs and education were severely restricted.

…U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussein on Monday pointed to satellite imagery and reports of “security forces and local militia burning Rohingya villages.”

“The Myanmar government should stop pretending that the Rohingyas are setting fire to their own homes and laying waste to their own villages,” he added, a swipe at Suu Kyi’s government, which has accused the Rohingyas of doing the torching themselves. He called it a “complete denial of reality.”

‘Textbook example of ethnic cleansing’: 370,000 Rohingyas flood Bangladesh as crisis worsens – The Washington Post



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