Gender Double Standards Everyone’s Apparently OK With 

Carly Fiorina, presidential hopeful and business fucker-upper, has said that Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve a free pass just because she’s a woman. …If anyone realistically believes Hillary Clinton’s been getting a pass on anything because she’s a woman, they may be what we in the industry call “drunk as shit.”

In June 2015, the New York Times ran an article entitled “Why It Matters That Hillary Clinton Wore Ralph Lauren.” Rather than waste time reading the article, I’ll cut to the chase and tell you why it matters: It fucking doesn’t. All the candidates could wear fucking burlap sacks — how does this have any effect on politics? Go back to writing crosswords, New York Times.

…”Hillary Clinton Wore A Red Power Suit” comes from Esquire. “Hillary Clinton Reveals The ‘Cold Shoulder’ Donna Karan Dress is Her Favorite” is another Daily Mail winner. There are more paragraphs dedicated to Hillary Clinton’s fashion choices than there are to explaining any of the dozens of insane promises Donald Trump has made during his campaign.

Sure, people have made fun of Donald Trump’s hair …but even that is often relegated to a single paragraph in a larger piece. …People discuss his policies, right? His promises and threats. Maybe Clinton is getting a free pass, since we only care about her clothes.

Except Clinton’s getting raked over the coals for her emails, for her husband banging an intern about 20 years ago, for Benghazi, for various financial and ethical issues, and for her Wall Street ties. In other words, people have an entire list of genuine concerns about her as a politician. And then they want to know why she’s wearing an orange pantsuit. Clinton’s “free pass” costs just as much as any candidate’s, with the added bonus of having a dress code.

4 Gender Double Standards Everyone’s Apparently OK With |

Lawd almighty Cracked, that is spot on!


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