The disaster in Crosby is purely man-made. 

Explosions and flames erupted into the air at a chemical plant in Crosby very early Thursday morning. Floodwaters had knocked out the cooling system needed to prevent organic peroxides from breaking down, and also blocked any path for workers to get back to the site and prevent the disaster.

Now the surrounding residents, living 25 miles northeast of downtown Houston, have been instructed to shut their doors and windows, turn off air conditioners and do everything possible to avoid breathing in the acrid smoke and fumes pouring out of the plant owned by Arkema Inc. 

…Exposure to the Arkema fire has sent 15 sheriff’s deputies to the hospital as of this writing, yet the company still won’t explain the specific sort of adverse health effects that people should expect from the emissions. The company also couldn’t answer pointed question by Dempsey about why volatile materials weren’t neutralized before workers fled the site.

The disaster in Crosby is purely man-made. – Houston Chronicle

A society that doesn’t hold those who injure others responsible doesn’t care about the welfare of its own people.


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