Treasury secretary’s trashy wife wrote a fictional white savior memoir of her time in Africa and tried to pass it off as real 

Louise Linton self published a controversial book last year that was …scorched by critics as a “white savior” fantasy and ultimately removed from sales.

…On Monday, Linton bragged on Instagram about flying on a government plane with her husband to Kentucky. She listed the slew of fashion brands she wore on the trip, tagging them by name. In response to a critical comment about her picture, the treasury secretary’s wife disparaged the woman, boasting about her extreme wealth.

…The memoir, it turns out, was also littered with inaccuracies, as Zambians pointed out on social media.

The Zambian High Commission in London denounced Linton and her “falsified” memoir for depicting the country as “savage.” It accused Linton of “tarnishing the image of a very friendly and peaceful country.”

“It is a historic fact that Zambia has never been at war but rather has been home to thousands of refugees fleeing wars from other African countries,” a statement from the Zambian embassy read. “The Congo war has never spilt into Zambia.” It also condemned how Linton identified children with HIV and published their photographs in the book.

Treasury secretary’s wife stirred controversy before, with memoir of her ‘living nightmare’ in Africa – The Washington Post

What a classless piece of trash.


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