Democrats’ disastrous mistake on abortion 

The party has said it would be open to backing anti-abortion candidates. It’s an option that should not even be on the table, is an insult to women and a losing strategy, writes Jill Filipovic.

Democrats’ disastrous mistake on abortion (opinion) – CNN

Ripping empowerment away from women makes the tent smaller, not larger.

…Of course it needs to be said that the DCCC is not the Democratic Party. At all. It is its own separate animal and heaping blame on the “party” when the blame belongs to the DCCC helps no one. It just confuses the issue.

And last but not least, progressives who gave Bernie a pass on saying the exact same thing a few months ago but are heaping scorn on the “Party” need to get their stories straight. It was OK when Bernie said it, and it’s not OK now. The old white guy needs to be chucked out to pasture with his bro-centric bullshit. anyone on the Left who is angry at the “Party” but not at Bernie for committing the exact same offense is full of shit and needs to get their head examined.


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