A suggested list of questions for Ashton Kutcher’s session on gender and technology

Ashton Kutcher received an earful when he suggested a series of questions about women in technology. To be fair, his questions did demonstrate a very [weak and ignorant bro-culture] level understanding of the problems women face. It seems like he just doesn’t talk to many.

…a series of questions that could help:

  1. Although female led companies are often more profitable, investors often overlook them in their “formula for success.” What can we do to better spread this message?
  2. Women represent a bigger growth market than India and China combined. How can we get more women in the investment community, so that we can better tap into this?
  3. Female entrepreneurs are often judged more harshly than their male counterparts. What articles/studies should investors read and study to prevent their own gender bias?
  4. What should investment firms do to better identify and take action against employees who harass female founders?
  5. What is the best course of action for a woman who has encountered sexual harassment in the tech investment community? How can she best avoid the retribution that often follows turning down these advances?
  6. Some high level professions such as medicine and law are near or at gender parity. What factors can the tech industry copy to see the same kind of success?

A suggested list of questions for Ashton Kutcher’s session on gender and technology

Oh Ashton, are you really that clueless and ignorant? Or just plain old stupid?


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