Allies heaps scorn on Trump for spineless, weasel-like Paris douchebaggery

…”The blow to the international political credibility of the United States really cannot be underestimated.”

…Germany [said it] could no longer “completely depend” on the United States and that European leaders “must really take our destiny into our own hands.”

…Macron responded to Trump’s climate decision with a strong statement — delivered live at 10 p.m. in Paris on Thursday night — and sent a mocking tweet that read, “Make Our Planet Great Again.”

France, Italy and Germany released a joint statement on Thursday night saying the Paris deal could not be negotiated, despite Trump’s talk of getting a better deal.

…Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau …tweeted that he was “disappointed” in the U.S.’s decision.

…British Prime Minister Theresa May released a similar statement.

…Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, for instance, called Trump’s decision a “brutal act.”

…“My guess is, in the Kremlin, they are absolutely delighted,” Pifer, a former ambassador to Ukraine, said. 

“To the extent that withdrawing from the Paris accord looks like the United States stepping back from an area where the U.S. has been leader, that’s simply music to [Vladimir] Putin’s ears.” 

Diplomats said Trump’s tone could exacerbate his problems in dealing with other countries.

Globe heaps scorn on Trump for Paris exit | TheHill

Incompetent boobs destroying the United’s States position as a respected leader because they are too stupid to see the effects of their actions. Heaven help us all make it through the next 3.5 years alive…


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