Red Pill Boss: All Feminists Want to Be Raped 

GOP State Rep. Robert Fisher denies he is still involved with a misogynistic Reddit forum, but an investigation suggests he may be posting incendiary comments under a new alias.

Fisher, now 31, described women as having “sub-par intelligence,” suggested that women’s bodies are the only thing that makes their “lackluster” personalities “worth it,” and commonly expressed paranoia about what he perceived as a growing plague of “false rape accusations” supposedly used as a weapon by feminists.

…redpillschool had said, “There’s no discussion of rape strategies [on the forum.]” But to his fellow red-pillers, he joked, “You don’t need a strategy for rape, other than ‘where do i buy roofies, and what’s the best brand of duct tape?’”

…In December 2016, redpillschool conducted an exhaustive three-part “thought experiment” called “All Women Lie About Rape.” …“Every woman I know has a rape or attempted rape story… But on the other side I don’t know a single man who is interested in raping women,” he wrote.

“Feminists are obsessed with rape because we live in a rape fantasy culture, where feminists wish they were hot enough to be rape-able,” he wrote in April 2014. “

“Every woman wants to be attractive enough to be raped. It’s like the pinnacle of male desire, when he can’t stop no matter what.”

And marital rape—a crime in all 50 states—shouldn’t exist as a concept in his view. “If a woman does not wish to submit to her husband she should not marry him. The contract of marriage is the verbal and written consent for sex,” he wrote in 2013.

…On The Red Pill, redpillschool wrote a lengthy post entitled, “‘Sexual Assault’ is why I’m Endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States.”

…In 2015 and 2016 redpillschool posted a column titled, “Women are Children.” …He contends that he has “met enough women” to make an accurate generalization.

“I’m saying that women, by function of who they are, cannot have the same perspective or experience as men, and therefore cannot be expected to have the same maturity level. Even if a woman is well behaved and well mannered, her thought process still comes from a limited and childish perspective,” he wrote in May 2016.

…This perspective is one reason some on The Red Pill advocate stripping women of the right to vote.

Red Pill Boss: All Feminists Want to Be Raped – The Daily Beast

Stay classy, NH GOP!


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