Here’s How Frequently Women Supreme Court Justices Are Interrupted by Men 

A new study shows that in 2015, when a record-high three women sat on the Supreme Court, 65.9 of interruptions happened as the women made their oral arguments.

…Interestingly enough, the women on the court actually speak less often and use fewer words when they make their argument (it’s unconfirmed if this a defense mechanism to cope with the inevitability of a male justice interrupting them). However, that doesn’t stop their male colleagues from interjecting at a much higher rate than they would for the other men sitting on the bench. Case in point: In 2015, Ginsburg was interrupted 11 times by Anthony Kennedy; Sotomayor was interrupted 15 times by Kennedy, 14 times by Samuel Alito, and 12 times by Chief Justice John Roberts; Kagan was interrupted over 10 times each by Kennedy, Alito, and Roberts. In contrast, only two of the men court were interrupted upwards of 10 times and the highest number of interruptions coming from one of the women was seven.

…Worse, this behavior even carries through to advocates who appear before the Supreme Court. These men show less deference for the women on the Court and interrupt the women regularly, even though Court protocol prohibits such behavior and the Chief Justice is expected to intervene when such a matter occurs.

Here’s How Frequently Women Supreme Court Justices Are Interrupted by Men | Glamour

Unacceptable to show such disrespect to SJC justices.

F*ck Roberts and the hack horse he rode in on if he can’t a tighter lid on interruptions in his courtroom. Clearly his own respect for the rule of law and the institution and the country he serves is nil. Until he regulates and insists on respect for all justices ont he bench, he’s simply a useless, inequality fomenting, injustice perpetrating f*ckstick.


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