Groups File Ethics Complaints Over State Department’s Mar-a-Lago Blog Post 

Ethics groups have filed complaints over a blog post written by a bureau of the State Department that used glowing language to describe Mar-a-Lago.

…The complaint, filed Tuesday with the Office of Government Ethics by the group Common Cause, is in response to a blog post published on the State Department’s ShareAmerica website that referred to Mar-a-Lago as the “winter White House” and noted that it is open to paying members.

…Common Cause called the post an “abuse of taxpayer funds.” The group’s president accused the Trump administration of failing to set boundaries between the president’s businesses and the business of the government.

…Last week, reports surfaced that Trump had previously met with two former Colombian presidents at his Florida home to discuss opposition to a Colombian peace deal with revolutionaries. The White House denied the reports, claiming Trump only briefly spoke to the two presidents after bumping into them at the club.

After North Korea conducted a missile test in February, Trump appeared to hold an open-air strategy session during a dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, with aides holding cell phones to illuminate documents, CNN reported at the time.

Following [Trump’s] election, the club’s membership fees doubled to $200,000, with critics asserting that those who can afford the high costs have unique access to the president.

Groups File Ethics Complaints Over State Department’s Mar-a-Lago Blog Post – NBC News



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