Landrieu: Remaining monuments to come down ‘sooner rather than later’ |

New Orleans has begun the process of removing its Confederate-era monuments with the removal of the monument to the Battle of Liberty Place.

…“The removal of these statues sends a clear and unequivocal message to the people of New Orleans and the nation: New Orleans celebrates our diversity, inclusion and tolerance,” said Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

“Relocating these Confederate monuments is not about taking something away from someone else. This is not about politics, blame or retaliation. This is not a naïve quest to solve all our problems at once. This is about showing the whole world that we as a city and as a people are able to acknowledge, understand, reconcile — and most importantly– choose a better future. We can remember these divisive chapters in our history in a museum or other facility where they can be put in context – and that’s where these statues belong.”

…Landrieu said the memorials were coming down during the wee hours because of death threats and intimidation from some of those who want the monuments to stay and to minimize city disruption.

…New Orleans historical records reflect that the battle was fought between a group known as the ‘White League’ and Reconstruction government forces. A few thousand members of the White League fought against members of the local police, killing some of them in the uprising. 

“The statue was put up to honor the killing of police officers by white supremacists,” said Landrieu at a press briefing shortly after the monument was removed. 

Landrieu: Remaining monuments to come down ‘sooner rather than later’ |

“I believe more strongly today than ever that in New Orleans we should truly remember all of our history, not some of it. that means we will no longer allow the Confederacy to literally be put on a pedestal in the heart of our city.” – Mayor Landrieu



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