Trump’s Shadow Looms Over Georgia House Race and Stokes GOP Identity Crisis 

A splintered GOP field gives Democrats a chance to pick up a Republican seat on Tuesday.

…The failure of Republicans to pass their plan to overhaul the nation’s health-care system has sown doubts with some suburban GOP voters about Trump’s effectiveness in cutting deals with lawmakers in Washington as well as the party’s promises. 

…Trump’s pugilism and lack of a cohesive conservative worldview on fiscal and foreign policy have confounded Republicans here.

…The way Republican contenders are handling Trump and the concurrent rise of populism and moderate angst in the wake of his victory is revealing, even though the names of the near-dozen candidates are unfamiliar. Everyone seems to be laboring, with varying success, to figure out a pitch that pulls together the splintered GOP ranks.

Georgia House race stokes GOP identity crisis — and opportunity for Democrats – The Washington Post



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