Donald Trump and Angela Merkel: Awkward!

“Joking about the US surveillance of Merkel is probably the most tone-deaf moment so far of Trump’s time on the international stage,” said Stephen Farnsworth, a scholar of the presidency and the media at Mary Washington University. “Trump needs to remember that he doesn’t need to crack jokes like he is still on reality television’s ‘The Apprentice.'”

Farnsworth pointed out that the two leaders didn’t even engage in the traditional handshake during an Oval Office photo opportunity earlier in the day. “Merkel’s offer to do so was met with an awkward silence that served as a reminder of the deep gulf between their perspectives.”

(Man, what a nebbish!)

Trump – in a noteworthy and unusual move for a US president – did not even mention the European Union once in his remarks.

(Because Trump probably doesn’t understand what the EU is…)

: Donald Trump and Angela Merkel make nice – sort of | Americas | DW.COM | 17.03.2017

What an incompetent asshole.


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