Rahul Dubey sheltered dozens of protesters in his Washington, DC, home to protect them from arrest

Dubey told CNN affiliate WJLA that he was on his stoop and had let some of the protesters charge their phones inside and use his bathroom before police moved in. “There was a big bang and there was spray that my eyes started burning, screaming like I’ve never heard before, and I’ve described it as a ‘human tsunami’ is the best I could see for about a quarter of a block coming down the street,” he told WJLA.

He said he was yelling “get in, get into the house” for about 10 minutes.
Dubey told WJLA that about 70 protesters got inside and it was “pandemonium and mayhem” for about an hour and a half while they tried to settle in and help people who’d been pepper sprayed.

…He said that at one point Dubey was able to have pizza delivered and some members of the community also brought food.

Becca Thimmesch lives about two blocks away from Dubey and said she and three other people stayed on his stoop overnight to observe the police activity and check in with the protesters.

…”Then around five, with an hour of curfew to go, community members started showing up left and right bringing food and water and hand sanitizer and their cars and offering to take people,” Thimmesch said.

…Thimmesch said she saw several other residents on the street let protesters into their houses.
“There is currently a global pandemic, and we’ve been told, ‘do not let people in your house, do not be sharing space with people,’ ” she said. “And you know, these random people made what is what I consider to be a huge sacrifice, to try and guarantee the safety of young people that they didn’t know.”

Rahul Dubey sheltered dozens of protesters in his Washington, DC, home to protect them from arrest – CNN



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