‘There’s no playbook for this’: Biden trapped in campaign limbo

Because Sanders won’t quit, Biden can’t fully pivot to the general election. He can’t truly unite the party’s warring factions. Nor can he begin stockpiling the vast amounts of money he’ll need for November. His momentum has effectively been stopped cold.

A source familiar with the Democratic National Committee’s discussions says the party offered both the Biden and Sanders campaigns the opportunity to open joint-fundraising accounts. But since Sanders declined [as he did, in 2016 – a move which helped to tank the General Election Campaign and Dem Party unity… Not shocking he’s pulling the same self-important, non-Team oriented bullshit] the party is reluctant to enter into one with Biden because of the bad optics of seeming to help one candidate.

‘There’s no playbook for this’: Biden trapped in campaign limbo – POLITICO



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