Trump blasts Sessions on Twitter, inadvertently confirming key Mueller finding


Sessions actually served as attorney general for about three weeks before he recused himself from the Russia probe on March 2, 2017, on the heels of revelations that he had misled senators during his confirmation hearing about the extent of his communications with Russians in 2016. But more significant than that fib is the broader point Trump communicated: that Sessions should have quickly shut down the investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia instead of recusing himself.

…Wednesday’s tweet is not the first time Trump has basically publicly admitted that he asked Sessions to end the Russia investigation.

…Taken together, the President’s directives indicate that Sessions was being instructed to tell the Special Counsel to end the existing investigation into the President and his campaign.

…Trump’s tweet on Wednesday basically confirmed the key passage in bold — that he instructed Sessions to end the investigation and became angry with him when he refused to do it.

Trump blasts Sessions on Twitter, inadvertently confirming key Mueller finding – Vox



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