Love Is Blind Leads Us Into the Dark

She’s a fascinating character who quite neatly represents the show’s eerie artifice. In most of her big moments, she seems to be performing, putting on a decently acted—but obviously acted—show as she argues with Damian about their sex life or makes grand declarations of love. She’s unnerving, an approximator of the real thing who’s perhaps too savvy about that by half. She, like so many young people (and not-as-young people), is fixated on her Instagram feed, and she seems to recognize that this exercise is really one in branding, in making herself a character who oozes sex and drama.

…What I want to know is if Giannina ever actually let herself believe it—if an influencer can, in some small way, actually influence themselves.

Love Is Blind Leads Us Into the Dark | Vanity Fair’

Human beings – and reality television is so weird!


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