TBT: The real reason Bernie Sanders’s delegates were so out of control

The difference between an activist and a politician; a difference that does a lot to explain the tensions simmering beneath the surface at the convention.

,,,Activists, as Solomon tells it, have “the privilege or maybe the obligation” to simply tell [a] truth. But politicians play a more complicated game.

….No angry Sanders delegates I’ve spoken to over the course of Monday and Tuesday can really offer a coherent theory for why it’s important to make noise at the convention. Nobody thinks they’re one “No TPP!” chant away from Clinton stepping aside in Sanders’s favor, and they all understand that Sanders himself has clearly and repeatedly asked them to knock it off.

Certainly they don’t want Clinton to lose — I’ve yet to find a “Bernie or Bust”-er among the lot. …They also concede that convention disruptions reflect poorly on Clinton and marginally reduce her chances of winning.

It all seems bizarre — until you realize that, as Solomon said, activists are here to speak truth to power.

Teva Gabis-Levine is one of two designated “whips” for Sanders among the state’s delegates. He acknowledges that he was one of the earliest to hear Monday afternoon that Bernie wanted him to get people in line. But he just didn’t do it.

“In my capacity as whip I chose not to pass that information along,” Gabis-Levine says. He thought people had a right to “express themselves.”

The real reason Bernie Sanders’s delegates are so out of control – Vox


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