Trump impeachment inquiry: A grave charge and a momentous turn

Schiff’s report alleges that Trump and a wider than previously established band of senior officials and associates tried to coerce Ukraine into investigating potential domestic rival Joe Biden — in effect soliciting a foreign power to interfere in a US election. Furthermore, the report says that Trump conditioned a White House visit and nearly $400 million in US military aid on the investigation and a probe into a conspiracy theory that Ukrainians meddled in the 2016 election.

And when Trump was found out, he initiated a categorical effort to cover up his scheme — which the report finds was masterminded from the very top.

…The report continued, “Even President Richard Nixon — who obstructed Congress by refusing to turn over key evidence — accepted the authority of Congress to conduct an impeachment inquiry and permitted his aides and advisors to produce documents and testify to Congressional committees.”

…The case is especially stark when it relates to what the Intelligence Committee says is Trump’s unprecedented obstruction of Congress’ responsibility to conduct oversight.

“The damage to our system of checks and balances, and to the balance of power within our three branches of government, will be long-lasting and potentially irrevocable if the President’s ability to stonewall Congress goes unchecked,” the report said.

“Any future President will feel empowered to resist an investigation into their own wrongdoing, malfeasance, or corruption, and the result will be a nation at far greater risk of all three.”

Trump impeachment inquiry: A grave charge and a momentous turn – CNNPolitics


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