Sacramento officers who killed Stephon Clark to return to duty | The Sacramento Bee

One of the Clark family’s lawyers, Dale Galipo, said he was “disappointed but not surprised because I think with few exceptions in the last 10,000 police officer shootings there’s been no criminal prosecutions.”

Galipo, who three weeks ago finalized a $2.4 million settlement with the city for Clark’s two sons, still represents Clark’s parents and grandparents in a pending federal civil rights lawsuit and said the city’s decision to retain the officers could be problematic if they are involved in another shooting down the road.

…“It’s negligent not to be able to recognize the difference between a handgun and a white cell phone.”

…“Sacramento police should know the difference between a gun and a cell phone and my brother should be with us today.”

…“I think people are in shock in this moment that there has been no accountability when it comes to Stephon Clark,” he said. “Today just continually opens up that wound without any healing. … It’s a repeated pattern of no accountability.”

“What does this tell us as community that two killer police will now be on full active duty on our streets?” said Berry Accius, founder of Voice of the Youth and community activist. “What is the message that is being sent to us? … The message to me is, basically, saying it doesn’t matter how much we infiltrate the system; it doesn’t matter how many trainings they create.”

Sacramento officers who killed Stephon Clark to return to duty | The Sacramento Bee


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