Never Ever Forget That Nancy Pelosi Is Very Smart

Pelosi is just playing her traditional role as a working politician: you’re successful if you can round up the votes to get things done. The squad members may get a lot of press, but they couldn’t even persuade their fellow progressives to hold out for a better bill, let alone any of the centrists. That really is kind of a pitiful performance, and Pelosi is rightfully pointing out that she’s the one who put in the shoe leather work to get support for a stronger bill than the ones Republicans were proposing.

Of course, AOC and her colleagues don’t care about that. They’re playing an entirely different game, and they [hopefully] know perfectly well they don’t have the votes to actually pass anything. Their goal is to move public opinion, and the way you do that is by holding out from the majority in the most conspicuous possible way.

…And most progressives respect the hell out of [Pelosi]. She has a well-deserved reputation as the smartest, most effective Democratic politician of her era.

…She was pretty obviously right about the border bill, for example.

Never Forget That Nancy Pelosi Is Very Smart – Mother Jones


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