The Electoral College?

In one sense, small states actually benefit from the [electoral] college: It’s one part population, one part credit for just being a state. So each person in Wyoming and Mississippi is represented by a slightly larger percentage of Electoral College votes than their state’s population alone would suggest. Of course, that’s not really how the politics play out (no one campaigns in solidly Republican Wyoming and Mississippi, for instance, or solidly Democratic Vermont and Rhode Island.)

…What’s really hurt the case for the Electoral College is that fewer states have been close in recent elections. In particular, big states and their major cities have tended to become less competitive. I

…Despite two recent elections in which Democrats won the most votes while Republicans won the presidency, there really hasn’t been a consistent Electoral College advantage for either party. Republicans did have a large edge in 2016 — but it’s not at all clear which party will benefit in 2020. 

Is Elizabeth Warren Right About the Electoral College? – Bloomberg



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