Kushner makes White House policy power play

Rollins’ ascension at the DPC would give Kushner a foothold in an often unsung corner of the White House, which coordinates policy areas including education, transportation, housing, labor and health care. Over the past two years, the council has developed changes to the Affordable Care Act, crafted an executive order on welfare reform and played a key role in several legislative debates such as the farm bill, prison reform and an effort to rein in drug prices.

…The hottest policy issue under the purview of the Domestic Policy Council has been immigration, but senior adviser Stephen Miller has entirely co-opted that process and runs it independent of DPC staffers, said one former White House official.

…Under this approach, Miller would take over all immigration policy, formalizing a role he’s long played in this White House as Trump’s top immigration guru. Rollins could take over the remaining set of domestic issues, giving Kushner, by proxy, influence in yet another part of the West Wing.

Kushner makes White House policy power play – POLITICO



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