Opinion: The dilemma Woodward’s book raises about Trump

…[Trump’s] lies are coming at a faster clip, and the inability to rely on anything he says is potentially paralyzing for Congress, America’s foes and allies and the military. 

…Likewise, we have no reason to believe he accurately conveys his conversations with world leaders. That puts us at the mercy of foreign leaders’ accounts or his aides’ guess-work.

…Third, the reputations and honesty of current and former aides who attest to the president’s fitness are now open to question. …Trump seems to have made liars out of his most senior staff and Cabinet officials, who fear disaster would ensue if they told the truth. Moreover, many of these people continue working at the White House, knowing the president is incapable of functioning in the job. Don’t they owe the country their candor and a warning?

….Voters elected Trump, not Gary Cohn or John Kelly. If Trump cannot do his job and literally cannot tell the truth, they need to come clean. 

The dilemma Woodward’s book raises about Trump – The Washington Post



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