Off-duty Buena Park officer pulls gun on man he thought was stealing Mentos

Arreola had already paid for the mints in an Orange County gas station March 16 and slid them into his pocket.

…The officer reaches for his semiautomatic pistol, and in a quick action, pulls back the pistol slide to chamber a round, a video shows. “Give that back … police officer,” he tells a stunned Arreola.

…“Oh!” Arreola says, shaken. “I paid for this,” he says several times. At one point, his face is stunned as he looks to the attendant for help.

…As Arreola panics and steps out of the way, the officer directs his attention to the cashier: “Did he pay for this?” The cashier answers yes. The officer asks if he is sure. He offers the same reply: Yes.

Off-duty Buena Park officer pulls gun on man he thought was stealing Mentos – The Washington Post

Two things.

One: That officer needs to be removed from the force. Immediately. His lack of judgement poses and immediate threat to the safety of the citizenry.

Two: The officer should not be allowed to own or carry a firearm after he is removed from the post. Crazy idiots like him ruin gun ownership for everyone else.

…If I was the store owner I would have already contacted City Hall and the Court System about a restraining order banning the clearly-shouldn’t-be-an-officer from my establishment because of the danger he poses to himself and others.


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