Ahed Tamimi gets eight months in prison after plea deal

On Monday, Israel’s military appeals court rejected Tamimi’s request to hold her legal proceedings in an open court.

Following that decision, “we understood that Ahed was not going to receive a fair trial”, said Lasky. “A plea bargain is the best option that Palestinians can get in the military courts.”

…Sahar Francis, director of Palestinian prisoners’ rights group Addameer, told Al Jazeera that “most cases” in Israel’s military courts result in a plea bargain.

“They [Palestinians] don’t trust the system. All the confessions are taken following torture, ill-treatment and coercion,” she said.

If a Palestinian was to proceed with a trial, it would be based on “confessions” obtained through abuse and coercion during initial interrogations, Francis said.

Meanwhile, Palestinians face an almost 100 percent conviction rate in Israel’s military courts, leaving Palestinians with little hope for a fair trial.

…”There is no justice under the occupation and this court is illegal,” the teen said, addressing the courtroom after the plea deal was presented to the judge, according to her father, Bassem Tamimi.

…Tamimi accepted the deal in exchange for pleading guilty to four out of the 12 charges initially brought against her, according to Gaby Lasky, the lawyer of the teen.

The other eight charges against Tamimi, including those referencing instances of stone throwing and “incitement to terror and stabbings”, were dropped by the prosecution, Lasky told Al Jazeera.

Ahed Tamimi gets eight months in prison after plea deal | Israeli–Palestinian conflict News | Al Jazeera



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