Sanders Supporters Focused on Anti-Democrat Instead of Ousting Republicans

The Democratic Party, for all of its successes and failures, has made the choice to focus on “Voting Blue” to get the Republicans out and try to reverse the damage that they have done. However, it appears that the Bernie Sanders group would rather contribute to another GOP win, as their focus is simply attacking the Democrats.

…The DNC has created a newer and more enlightened platform, offering more transparency and trying to correct areas that received criticism of the past. But apparently this isn’t good enough for the Sanders supporters, as they are still hot on the trail of yelling “Bernie would have won” or “no neo-liberal shills”. Even the Unity Tour that was presented to try to bring many of the factions together was a complete disaster as Sanders took this as an opportunity to rip the Democratic Party apart while his cult followers chanted in the background. For anyone that has been monitoring this situation, you would see a group that can’t seem to let go of the 2016 Presidential election, an obsession with Hillary Clinton hate and a continued generation of the same anger that one sees on the extreme right.

Sanders Supporters Focused on Anti-Democrat Instead of Ousting Republicans



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