3 reasons why Jared Kushner’s security clearance was never approved in the first place

First of all, it’s a fact that he’s been operating on a temporary security clearance for more than a year, despite the extreme sensitivity of his job — and that raises a number of questions given the level of information to which he has regular access. And his clearance is obviously a priority, so if they’re still looking into him 13 months later, it’s reasonable to assume there’s a problem.

…There were three issues that we saw. One is that he omitted a lot of significant information from his application for a security clearance, and he ended up having to amend it multiple times to add in foreign contacts that he hadn’t initially reported. We don’t know whether those omissions were intentional or just slip-ups, but it raises questions either about Kushner’s candor or about how much of a grasp he has on all of the conflicting interests and issues he has out there.

Secondly, we know that he’s under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller. We don’t know whether he’ll be charged with anything or what he’s being investigated for, but there’s a criminal investigation into very serious issues and it’s been reported that Kushner is one of the people Mueller is looking into, and obviously that’s cause for concern.

Finally, we’ve seen disturbing stories over the past couple of weeks about intelligence reports indicating that foreign governments have been specifically trying to use Kushner’s debt and inexperience to manipulate him to be more favorable to them. That’s a tremendous security risk and it’s exactly the kind of thing the clearance process is meant to find. So there’s no way he should have a full top-secret security clearance until these issues have been addressed.

…We’re now learning that his companies are getting loans from financial institutions whose executives he met with at the White House. We can’t say for sure if there was wrongdoing there, but it certainly looks bad. And it suggests that he’s not being careful about who he’s meeting with and how he should separate the various interests he has in order to avoid ethical conflicts.

…We have a guy who is still supposedly working on all these incredibly important issues, like peace negotiations in the Middle East, who now doesn’t have access to some of the most important intelligence that can help him make the right decisions on those issues.

3 reasons why Jared Kushner’s security clearance was downgraded – Vox



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