Why Did Trey Gowdy Suddenly Retire from Congress?

[Gowdy] led the GOP Benghazi fever which gripped Congress for over two years—costing taxpayers $7+ million over the course of eight investigations—all of which found no wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton. The man most well-known for leading a partisan witch hunt in order to discredit a future presidential candidate says that he is quitting Congress because “there is more civility in a death penalty case than there is in some Congressional hearings.”

…“sources close to Gowdy,” says that he is unnerved by his colleagues undercutting the Justice Department—yet he voted to release the infamous memo written by a member of Trump’s transition team which smears the FBI and Justice Department as politically biased against Republicans. Not to mention, the Justice Department and the FBI oppose the release of this memo without being able to review it, yet Gowdy’s vote took that power away from them.

…It’s hard to come up with a simple rationale behind Gowdy’s sudden retirement other than these two explanations. He wasn’t in danger for his next election. He won his last one with 67% of the vote, more than doubling his opponent’s vote total. The “I’m sick of hyper-partisanship” explanation doesn’t hold any weight considering he voted down partisan lines last week to release a partisan memo, and that’s before you get to his reputation as a partisan hack. The “I’m sick of fighting my colleagues in order to protect the DOJ” explanation rings hollow too given that he voted to remove power from the DOJ and put it in Trump’s hands. His own staff seemed to not know he was leaving considering they were still sending fundraising e-mails out just prior to him announcing his retirement.

Why Did Trey Gowdy Suddenly Retire from Congress? :: Politics :: Features :: Trey Gowdy :: Paste



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