This Erik Prince Transcript Is Unbelievable

Prince got rich running Blackwater, a mercenary military contracting force that fell apart after going renegade in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq. Prince went on to a lucrative career as a gun-and-spook for hire and moved his operation to the friendlier climes of Abu Dhabi. He got involved with the Trump campaign, so, naturally, given his profession, he became entangled in that campaign’s prolonged slow dance with connected Russian oligarchs and other international grifters. Most recently, he has been in the news when it was reported that he proposed to develop a private military and intelligence force that would operate under the direct supervision of the White House.

(Of course, Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, is presently the Secretary of Education, where she has been tasked to do to the public schools what her brother did for the country’s image in Iraq.)

This Erik Prince Transcript Is Unbelievable



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