Lebanon’s PM Saad Hariri backs off from resignation

In his resignation speech, Hariri blamed Iran’s “meddling” in the country and its Lebanese ally, the Hezbollah movement for his decision, adding that he feared an assassination attempt.

The sudden move plunged Lebanon – a country with fragile political stability – into an ongoing period of uncertainty, raising fears of a potential war between Saudi Arabia and Iran with Lebanon on the front lines.

…Lebanese officials previously said they would only accept his resignation if it was delivered on Lebanese soil.

Hariri’s political rival, Hezbollah, also refused to acknowledge the resignation.

In a televised speech, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah accused Saudi Arabia of forcing Hariri to quit and holding him against his will. The Lebanese unity government that Hariri formed a year ago includes Hezbollah members.

Lebanon’s PM Saad Hariri holds off resignation | News | Al Jazeera



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